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Watch this video and more on Pose Method

Watch this video and more on Pose Method

Beginner's Guide to Pose Running

Improving Falling

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Up Next in Beginner's Guide - Part 1

  • Improving Pulling

    If you've noticed there's room for improvement in your execution of Pulling, then you should go through the following drills: Skip, Twist, Criss Cross, Kick Starter, Seated Resistance Pull, Standing Resistance Pull. Watch this video for instructions on how to do each of these drills.

  • Organizing a Training Session

    You've learned the foundation of the Pose Method, analyzed your running, and been equipped with drills to improve your technique. Now its time to go through some practical training sessions. Watch this video to learn how to organize a training session, as well as see a sample week of training.

  • Assessing your Progress

    After going through a few weeks of training, its time to re-evaluate your technique to measure your progress. Watch this video to see what level of improvement is necessary in order to move on to part 2 of the Beginner's Guide to Pose Running.