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Watch this video and more on Pose Method

Watch this video and more on Pose Method

Beginner's Guide to Pose Running

What to do after falling

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Up Next in Beginner's Guide - Part 1

  • The Standard - Pose Fall Pull

    At this point, we've outlined our Running Standard: Pose-Fall-Pull. Watch this video to briefly recap the foundational components that make up our running standard as well as see Pose-Fall-Pull in a practical setting with a few runners, amateur and elite.

  • Your Turn - Self Assessment

    Now that you know the invariant structure present in all runners, it's time to turn the camera on yourself. Watch this video to see how to capture your own running so that you can assess your current level of skill at running.

  • Analyzing your Running

    With a few recordings of your own running in hand, you can review them, frame by frame to assess your technique. Watch this video to learn how to evaluate your running, using Pose-Fall-Pull as your guide.